SCCA Double Regional at The Ridge

This weekend I drove out to The Ridge Motorsports Park to watch the SCCA Double Regional/Vintage race. This was my first time going to one of the SCCA road races and I was pretty excited to see this one at The Ridge, having driven the track myself recently.

I had a great time at the race and walked around the paddock area and got to see a variety of race cars in the various SCCA classes anywhere from lightly modified spec cars to full open cockpit purpose build race cars. Since this event also featured a vintage race there were some very nice classics to see as well including early Porsche’s, Corvette’s, and Mustangs.

Of particular interest to me was meeting some of the guys who race in  Pro 44, the Pacific NW Porsche 944 series. I got a chance to meet Geg Fordahl from Fordahl Motorsports and the rest of the guys racing 944′s that weekend. One of them had a pretty sweet looking Rothmans 944 which I learned is a rare version of the 944 built for the Canadian Porsche Challenge series in the late 80′s. I had a chance to watch this car run in the vintage race which was a blast.


I spent a good amount of time hanging out with the Pro 44 guys and they were all very friendly and kind enough to share some of their experiences running the 944′s. I found this to be very valuable as this is the series I’m looking to get into myself next season.

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