New Brakes and Rotors

New brakesAfter last week’s track day it was definitely time to replace the brakes.┬áSince I still had the factory rotors I decided to replace those as well. I ordered some Hawk HPS brake pads all around and Brembo rotors online. They arrived yesterday so I set up an appointment at the local auto shop to have them replaced. Earlier I picked up some ATE Super Blue brake fluid so I had everything ready to go.

Acura-on-LiftI’m buying my own parts and just paying for labor as I’m not set up to do the work myself (don’t have the space/tools). Bill, the mechanic at the shop was fine with me hanging around while he worked so I got to observe and see how to do the installation. I’ve done minor things like oil changes but haven’t done a brake job myself so this was good to learn.

So now the squealing is gone, and the brakes feel great. I’m looking forward to the next track day to see how they perform.

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