Welcome to My Racing Journey. I’m starting this blog to document my adventures in motorsports primarily to help me see my progress over time. My hope is it will also be of interest and helpful to others who want to get into the sport or are already on that path.

As I share my experiences and take the time to write down my goals, mistakes, and what I’ve learned, I hope to gain insight I might otherwise miss. I also look forward to interacting with readers and learning from you as well so please feel free to comment.

To give you a bit of background on how this all started, I can look back as far as growing up and really being into cars. I suppose most kids are into cars at one point or another and it’s just a phase of we go through as boys. In my case I feel as if that little boy who was fascinated with fast cars never left. Although I did “suppress” it for a number of years as I focused on other things like school, work, and life only to have it resurface with a vengeance now.

What is so interesting about cars after all? What most people see as a means to get from point A to point B, I’ve always seen as much more. It starts with the aesthetics of automotive design. It’s what sets apart a sports car like a Porsche, Ferrari, or Corvette silhouette from one of an average economy car. It’s artistry at it’s best, where form meets function to create a complete experience for the driver. Then there’s the engineering of sports cars; the combination of mechanics, dynamics, and technology to produce something meeting performance, safety, and reliability requirements. These are things I can certainly appreciate as a software engineer myself.

Now take those elements that appeal to me and add skill, competition, adrenaline, and comeraderie found in organized sports and you’ve got the formula for an addiction. I look forward to sharing how I’m feeding my addiction with you in future posts.



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